Christina Schuh

  • PhD en Ciencias Técnicas, Vienna University of Technology; Magíster en Ingeniera Biomédica, University of Applied Sciences, Technikum Wien (Austria, Vienna)

Líneas de Investigación:

  • Exosomas para regeneración de tejidos; biomateriales; celulas madre; ondas de choque;


  • Fondecyt de Iniciación #11180406: Analysis of Antimicrobial and Pro-regenerative Properties of Exosomes Derived from Apis mellifera Royal Jelly (2018-2021)
  • Colaborador Fondecyt de Iniciación #11180101: Influence of age-derived dental collagen glycation on bacterial adhesion and initial biofilm formation of oral streptococci, (2018-2021)

Presentaciones en Congresos

  • Presentaciones seleccionadas de un total de 35 participaciones en conferencias (2 keynote lectures, 3 simposios de conferencias organizados, 19 presentaciones, 12 posters):
  • International Symposium on Surgery of Peripheral Nerves 2017: Collagen-fibrin blend engineered neural tissue promotes nerve regeneration in a rat nerve defect model
  • TERMIS EU Chapter meeting 2016: Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment accelerates peripheral nerve regeneration by altering Schwann cell phenotype (keynote lecture)
  • TERMIS World Congress 2015: Silk Fibroin for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: A Novel Preparation Method Improved Mechanical Characteristics and Supports Regeneration in Rat Sciatic Nerves
  • ECB European Congress of Biotechnology 2014: Adipose derived Stem Cells Respond to in vitro Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment With Increased Stemness and Multipotency
  • ESB- European Society for Biomaterials 2012: Aligned Fibrin-PGLA as a Matrix for Schwann like cells

Publicaciones seleccionadas (OrcID 0000-0001-9475-4513)

  • An optimized collagen-fibrin blend enhances the ability of engineered neural tissue to promote peripheral nerve repair Schuh CMAP*, Day A, Redl H, Phillips JB; Tissue Engineering Part A, Jun 2018 (*corresp. author)
  • Covalent binding of placental derived proteins to silk fibroin improves schwann cell adhesion and proliferation Schuh CMAP*, Monforte-Vila X, Hackethal J, Redl H, Teuschl AH; J Mater Sci Mater Med., Nov 2016 (*corresp. author)
  • Extracorporeal shockwave treatment: A novel tool to improve Schwann cell isolation and culture Schuh CMAP*, Hercher D, Stainer M, Hopf R, Teuschl AH, Schmidhammer R, Redl H; Cytotherapy, Apr 2016; (*corresp. author)
  • Activated Schwann cell like Cells on Aligned Fibrin/PGLA Structures: a novel construct for application in peripheral nerve regeneration Schuh CMAP*, Morton TJ, Banerjee A, Grasl C, Schima H, Schmidhammer R, Redl H, Rünzler D; Cells Tissues Organs, 2015 (*corresp. author)
  • In vitro extracorporeal shock wave treatment enhances stemness and preserves multipotency of rat and human adipose-derived stem cells Schuh CM*, Heher P, Weihs AM, Banerjee A, Fuchs C, Gabriel C, Wolbank S, Mittermayr R, Redl H, Rünzler D, Teuschl AH; Cytotherapy, 2014 (*corresp. author)
  • Review: Association between Alzheimer’s Disease and Oral and Gut Microbiota: Are Pore Forming Proteins the Missing Link? Aguayo S, Schuh CMAP, Vincente B, Aguayo LG; Journal of Alzheimers Disease; Jul 2018;
  • A new preparation method for anisotropic silk fibroin nerve guidance conduits and its evaluation in vitro and in vivo in a rat sciatic nerve defect model Teuschl AH, Schuh CMAP, Halbweis R, Pajer K, Márton G, Hopf R, Mosia S, Rünzler D, Redl H, Nógrádi A, Hausner, T. Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 2015
  • The reparative abilities of menstrual stem cells modulate the wound matrix signals and improve cutaneous regeneration Cuenca J, LeGatt A, Castillo V, Belleti J, Diaz M, Kurte M, Gonzalez P, Alcayaga F, Schuh CMAP, Ezquer F, Ezquer M, Khoury M; Frontiers in Physiology; April 2018;